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Your time is just as valuable to us as it is to you. So because you have finally managed to make room for an exciting and educational trip in your busy schedule, we make sure you enjoy it from first to last.

You can rely on Great Escapes, LLC  for competence based on many years of experience and the best-quality deals.

Interested in learning the history of our nation through the eyes of  our citizens who were willing to lay down their lives for the freedom of others?  Tour many memorials dedicated to their selfless sacrifice and future hope.



While you sit back and relax, we will be looking after every detail of your tour - transportation, board and lodging, as well as activities and excursions. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy yourself on the day. We offer package deals for the destination requested by your student group.

Our group tours let you choose your own, custom package - whether you’re interested in adventure,  education, history, culture, or just plain fun, we can package a combination of everything. In addition to all the popular locations, we also offer interesting destinations that are a little more off the beaten track.

Inspiration comes through learning and experience.  Where can your students be inspired?  Let them see in person the places they have spent their lives learning about through books and teaching! As experienced and competent tour operators, you can depend on our advice as well as on our hands-on support. 

Don't Just Tell Them . . . Show Them!

Take learning out of the classroom and let your students explore. Educational adventures challenge students beyond their classroom studies. Allow them to experience the "birth areas" of our country. Show them where battles were fought to win their freedom; where history was written; where we pause to enjoy the beauty of this great land.

We Specialize In Great Memories!

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One Chaparone Travels FREE with every 10 paid travelers!
Chaparones are a must when traveling with student groups.
Safety of your students is HIGH priority!
Let your parents/teachers know they are appreciated!
The 1/10 plan allows you to give teachers and chaparones free or reduced rates for their important part in making the student trip a success.

Experience Counts! We understand the responsibility shouldered when traveling with Student Groups.
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We do the work, You have the fun!